Central California Off-Road Cyclists, CCORC, has been the driving force of the Woodward Cyclocross series since its inception. We are a non-profit organization that works to ensure trail access and to promote sustainable trail access for off-road bicyclists. In other words, we are all about riding in the dirt! As far as we are concerned, the only thing better than a bike race is an off-road bike race. We are excited you will join us for the Homegrown Series. Feel good while having fun in the mud knowing that all proceeds go towards trail work and advocacy.

All ABR rules apply. US DOT or CPSC approved helmets required. No warming up on course during races. Parent or guardian of those under 18 will be required to sign, no exceptions!

Races are held RAIN or SHINE.

You are not required to use a Cyclocross bike. All bikes are legal: Mountain bikes, cross, fixed gear, single speed, and 29ers. Courses will favor a cyclocross bike.

Each lap will incorporate grass, mud and gravel terrain, as well as barrier sections.


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