Race Day Schedule


First Race 60 Minutes @ 10:00 AM

A Men

A Men Masters 45+

A Women

Single Speed

Second Race 45 Minutes @11:10 AM

B Men

B Men Masters 45+

55+ OPEN

Third Race 40 Minutes / 25 Minutes @ 12:05 PM

B Women 40 Minutes

C Women 25 Minutes (15 minute delayed start)

Juniors 25 Minutes ( 15 minute delayed start)

Fourth Race @ 12:55 PM

Academy Cycling FREE Kids Race (sprint course for younger kids and 1/2 lap of actual course for older kids)

Fifth Race 30 Minutes @ 1:30 PM

C Men

C Men Masters 45+


4 thoughts on “Race Day Schedule

  1. Could you expand on the A, B, C categories? Is A considered elite and C beginner? How do these compare against USAC categories for CX?


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